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The Tolkienæum (Τόλκιναῖον)
A Collection of Essays on J.R.R. Tolkien and His Legendarium




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Writing on Amazon.com, Igor Khazanov says:

"As usually, it is a masterpiece of professionality."

Ryder Miller, writing in the January 2015 Beyond Bree, says:

“It was a pleasure and a challenge to read. … Not able to judge the book as a linguist, I found it interesting and worth the time anyway. Once could enjoy it as a reader even if one doesn’t understand everything. … The book could serve as a companion volume to Tolkien’s work for those who are interested in a more directed approach to understand his oeuvre which is not always challenging on the surface. … Looking to have a deeper knowledge of Middle-earth one can gain all sorts of insights and fascinating back stories about the inspiration for Tolkien’s books. One finds all manner of interesting trivia that can put some of one’s questions in perspective and bring new meaning for the reader.”

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