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The author on the Panel discussing the Frisian Translation of The Hobbit at the 2011 Unquendor Lustrum.

Frisian Translation Panel at the Unquendor Lustrum 2011

Left to right:
Anne Tjerk Popkema, Mark Hooker, Liuwe Westra, Tom Shippey

Author Photo

The author with a samizdat copy of
The Hobbit.

Beyond Bree Award V (2012)

The Beyond Bree Award
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Thyroid Cancer Survivor Ribbon

About the author:
Mark T. Hooker is a specialist in Comparative Translation at Indiana University's Russian and East European Institute (REEI). Retired, he conducts research for publication. His articles on Tolkien have been published in English in Beyond Bree, Para Nölé, Translating Tolkien and Tolkien Studies, in Dutch in Lembas (the journal of the Dutch Tolkien Society), in Polish in Ancalima, in Brazilian-Portuguese by the Brazilian Tolkien Society (Dúvendor), and in Russian in Palantir (the journal of the St. Petersburg Tolkien Society). He has presented papers at a number of MythCons and at the fourth Lustrum of the Dutch Tolkien Society.

He is the author of:

One of his essays was co-opted for inclusion in the J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” volume of Dr. Harold Bloom’s Modern Critical Interpretations series, billed as “the most comprehensive collection of literary reference in the world.”

The review of A Tolkienian Mathomium in Tolkien Studies says, because Hooker’s “breadth of expertise is somewhat unusual for Tolkienian linguists, most of whom come from the Old English/Old Norse quadrant, Hooker has a wide variety of things to say that have not been heard before.”

He contributed the article "Reading John Buchan in Search of Tolkien" in Tolkien and the Study of his Sources, edited Jason Fisher (McFarland, 2011), which was awarded the 2014 Mythopoeic Scholarship Award in Inklings Studies. You can view the entire list of awards here.

Hooker is a member of the Walking Tree Publishers Board of Advisors.

Hooker is the laureate of the Fifth Beyond Bree Award (2012), which was presented at The Return of the Ring in Loughborough, England. Unlike previous Beyond Bree Award votes, this time there was a single clear winner.

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